Our Services

Sonoran Benefits, LLC helps their clients navigate through the maze of all the different Group Employee health plan designs available in order to find the benefit package that is best for them and their employees. We help with carrier selection and implementation, renewal/contract negotiations and employer contribution and funding strategies.  We also handle administrative issues throughout the year and assist with any other unforeseen issues that arise.  As a broker, there is no charge for our service and we are not tied to any one carrier.

Sonoran Benefits provide:

  • Employer Benefit Consulting Services(Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, Disablity)
  • Voluntary Packages
  • Enrollment Services
  • Section 125 and Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Individual/Family Insurance and Short Term Insurance

We also assist with:


Voluntary Packages-

We help bridge the gap between what companies can afford to provide and what employees may still want or need. Voluntary policies allow companies to expand their employees’ options without increasing their direct costs. A wide variety of voluntary plans- accident & cancer policies, life and disability insurance, critical illness protection, hospital indemnity insurance and several others can be offered and simply payroll deducted. Participation in these policies is completely voluntary, can be implemented at the individual or group level and most plans are fully portable with NO cobra involvement.

Enrollment Services-

With every client, Sonoran Benefits, LLC organizes and participates in employee enrollment meetings.  We gather all the insurance materials and present them to their employees. We track the enrollment process with the carriers to ensure a smooth transition and we prepare cancellation notifications to current carriers on our clients behalf.  Education is a very important part of services.  We customize every meeting to our client’s specific needs.  Upon request, we provide employee benefit statements that can be communicated to the employees.

Ways to maximize the benefit dollar!-

Sonoran Benefits can help maximize the benefit dollars allocated to your benefit programs by implementing a Section 125 plan at a very reasonable cost “for less than you might expect.”  Section 125 plans allow employees to pay for certain benefits with pre-tax dollars.  Employees save on their federal, state and social security taxes and while employers save matching social security, SUTA and FUTA taxes.  In a nutshell, lower taxable payroll means lower payroll taxes.  Employee’s tax savings can help to defray the cost of insurance premiums.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Another way to maximize the benefit dollar is to let us implement a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  A Health Care FSA pays for the uncovered or unreimbursed portions of qualified medical costs. A Dependent Care FSA allows you to pay eligible expenses for dependent care with pre-tax dollars. All employee contributions to FSA’s are made from pre-tax earnings, thereby increasing disposable income. Without an FSA, you would still pay for these expenses, but you would do so using money remaining in your paycheck after federal (and often state and locality) taxes are deducted.

Individual/Family Plans

- Sonoran Benefits, LLC provides medical, dental, life and supplemental insurance policies to individual and their families